Green Grass Blue Skies T-Shirt

Have a look outside your window. Is the sun shining? Is the grass green? We hope so- if it isn’t though, that’s okay too, just close your eyes instead. Think long and hard about it. Imagine every little blade of greenery, dancing in the breeze, feel the sun beams blaze across your face. Can you see it? We told you to close your eyes, if you’re following instructions you probably missed that descriptive language we so eloquently laid out for you, but yeah I think you get where we are going and it’s time to roll up, you can open your eyes now if you haven’t already. An original illustration by @sunflower_form

All Talking Terps Soft Goods arrive packaged in collectible container with original Talking Terps Holographic Laminate.  Limited to 420 pieces.  *Limit 2 Per Order*

Talking Terps t-shirts are fabricated and printed in the USA from start to finish. 100% Heavyweight USA Cotton, reactive dye colors, ribbed crewneck collar.